Pitch Use 2022

24th March 2022

Guidelines for use of Westport GAA Facilities 2022

With over 50 teams using Westport GAA grounds on a weekly basis, we all have a responsibility to respect our grounds so they can utilised to their fullest throughout the season.

Due to the significant pressure on facilities, the club executive – in consultation with the various sections of the club, have agreed the following set of guidelines for the safe and efficient use of the club grounds for the 2022 season:

  • All who use the facilities are to treat others with respect and dignity at all times
  • Patrons are asked to clean up the changing rooms after use and leave in a suitable condition for the next user
  • The placement of small goals should be alternated so as not to continuously damage the one area. i.e. do not always have small goals on the 13 metre lines. Cross pitch use is encouraged for younger groups. Small goals if used should be removed from pitch once finished
  • Patrons are asked not to leave empty water bottles or other items on the pitches. These have to be collected and disposed of by club volunteers. The club encourages the use of reusable drinking bottles
  • Sections are responsible for traffic management of their home games i.e. provision of traffic stewards etc. This is particularly important if there are two home games at the same time
  • The club is encouraging a ‘get in, train and get out’ approach and we request that players, mentors and parents/guardians exit the grounds promptly after training or games to ease pressure on car parks
  • Players and mentors are encouraged to walk, cycle or car pool to the grounds where possible to reduce pressure on car parks
  • Use of the pitches during periods of heavy rainfall can cause significant and long lasting damage. Coaches are asked to use their discretion and not train or play games on the pitches where this is the case
  • Heavy impact training (i.e. sprints, shuttle runs, grid work etc.) should only be completed on training area side-pitch to avoid damage to main and bottom pitches
  • Where possible, all warm ups should be completed on bottom pitch, side pitch or on astroturf. Opposition teams should be advised of this by the section secretary or coaches
  • Pitch times and slots as set out in the agreed pitch schedule must be strictly adhered to e.g. pitch should be clear of equipment, players and mentors before the next slot commences
  • Access to side-pitch training area for players and mentors is only permitted via the walkway behind the Newport end goal of the main pitch i.e. players and mentors must not encroach on main or bottom pitch when games or training are underway
  • All matches must start at their fixed time and half-time breaks are to be strictly adhered to 
  • It is the responsibility of each team manager to ensure that games go ahead at their allocated time and finish within the allocated pitch time slot
  • Challenge matches where permitted can only be facilitated during the allocated pitch slots for each section. All home challenge matches must be cleared with secretary before organising
  • If fixture changes occur, team management must liaise with section/club secretary or make suitable arrangements with teams/sections that may be affected by the changes
  • Pitch schedule to be reviewed as season progresses e.g. changes to competitions, longer/shorter evenings etc.
  • Great efforts have been made to access additional facilities for use by teams (i.e. Rice College Pitch, McConville Park) and these facilities must be treated with utmost respect
  • Patrons have a responsibility to familiarise themselves with the Covid-19 government restrictions as they pertain at the time and adhere to them. If in any doubt they should contact the designated Covid supervisor or club secretary

We thank all patrons for their cooperation and wish everyone an enjoyable and successful season. Any queries can be directed to the club secretary at or to the heads of the individual sections (Hurling, Bord na nÓg, Camogie, Ladies LGFA)